Ecofriendly Timber

Ecofriendly Timber
Plantation timber

Dr Patrick Moore as a co founder of Greenpeace wrote to the sun “we must use more wood, not less. Using wood sends a signal to the marketplace to grow more trees and to produce more wood. That means we can then use less concrete, steel and plastic -- heavy carbon emitters through their production. Trees are the only abundant, biodegradable and renewable global resource”.

Plantation wood usage getting popular in Indonesia a bit late. In the past it cannot compete with natural forest timber. In the recent past good natural forest timber could be harvested easily from nearby forest. Now the nearby forest has gone and natural forest timber is scarce. Politically global warming has turn natural forest timber usage as a big liability. Sustainability is important and plantation wood suddenly becomes popular.

Indonesia has various species established plantation that could be exploited sustainably for its logs as; Rubber wood (hevea Brasiliensis), Albizia Falcata, Acacia Mangium.

Regardless of its naturally inferior quality compared to old growth natural forest wood. With proper care and innovative technology plantation timber products could fill the most demanding application and serve us well into the future.

PT Aria Adiguna Abadi understand this well and strife to serve the customer need without destroying the natural forest.

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