Ecofriendly Timber

Ecofriendly Timber
FSC Certification

FSC certification is an important step to be recognized as a responsible and sustainable timber sources. Indonesia is gradually moving toward FSC. Certification is very time consuming and availability will therefore a limiting factor.

Several Logging concession company in Indonesia has achieve FSC and still non for plantation.

The biggest reason for plantation lack of interest, thereís no incentive to do the intricate and expensive certification for the plantation owner. Price of the commodity still relatively low, must pass a threshold of price difference between non certified and certified and/or market penetration incentive to make FSC certification interesting for plantation owners.

To overcome this problem several steps must be done, the most important is to create stronger market for FSC certified plantation wood. Must increase awareness among traders and end users to use more and give more attention to plantation wood rather than the good old natural forest timber.

Plantation timber as is cannot directly compete in quality with most natural forest timber but with latest processing and treatment plantation timber could be use for the most demanding application.

Increase of plantation timber use, means less pressure to natural forest. With FSC certification we could be sure that the plantation is not using irresponsible practice in managing their plantation as encroaching into forest to expand their plantation.

The readily available rubber wood plantation, some has been around since colonial time could become good candidate for FSC certification. With more than 3 Million hectares of rubber wood plantation already exist in Indonesia and still growing it's a promising big boost for FSC certified logs.

Other species wood plantation like Acacia, Albizia, Antocephalus Cadamba etc could sprang up when the market for plantation timber is strong

Plantation wood could easily become major raw material for Indonesian timber industry if there is enough incentive to do it.

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